The virtual smart carpet or interactive carpet reacts to the movement of hands and feet by creating images on the ground and provides a suitable opportunity for advertising. Smart carpet is a way to create lasting advertisements and gain valuable competitive advantage for various businesses. This product is produced by Danesh Avaran Khorasan Company This company is active in the production of advanced and smart products, and in this field, it has obtained grade A technology from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The products of this company include smart board, Touch Monitor, Touch Frame, touch stand, virtual carpet and... This company sells its products on Tadkala website. You can get the products you want with an exceptional price and warranty from the Tadkala website.

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Smart virtual carpet

تومان 6,500,000

Smart virtual carpet

    • Special sensor + software + 15 free effects
    • Buy ready-made effects for any effect
    • Design custom effects Start
    • Suitable for busy environments

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