Optoma brand is a Taiwanese factory that is active in the field of data projector production. The main and major activity of this factory is dedicated to the production of educational, commercial and home data projectors. This company often uses DLP technology for its video projectors.

Among the characteristics of this data projector, we can mention its beautiful and stylish appearance, good image quality, diverse range of input and output ports, and diversity in the use of models. Due to the focus of this manufacturing company on video projectors, we often see the introduction of video projectors in the ranges of home cinema, 3D and pocket video projectors. The price of the video projector is also one of the factors considered by Optoma. This company is one of the pioneers in offering cheap video projectors. Also, providing a suitable quality, as well as a guarantee and a favorable after-sales service, has increased its applicants even more. Optoma projector guarantees color durability for 5 years. Therefore, this company guarantees that the colors of the images will not fade and the quality of the images will not decrease for up to 5 years.

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