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فیش پرینتر KARAKO مدل POS800

Toman 4,600,000
  • دقت چاپ(رزولوشن) ۲۰۳ DPI
  • سرعت چاپ ۱۷۰ میلیمتر (۱.۷ سانتی متر) بر ثانیه
  • کاتر اتوماتیک (۱,۰۰۰,۰۰۰ برش)
  • پشتیبانی از درگاه های ارتباطی Serial و USB

EPSON 20II shop printer

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Thermal printer of text, barcode and graphics with great resolution Printing speed 200 mm per second Print width 80 mm The life of the mechanism is 15 million lines Ability to automatically reduce paper It has Drawer kick-out, USB + Serial, RS-232 ports Can be installed on the wall with a special base

Shop printer MEVA-TP-1000P

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Barcode thermal printer, text and graphics with great resolution Printing with a printing speed of 100 mm per second (IPS 4) Print resolution: 203 dpi Print width: 108mm Print length: minimum 10 mm maximum 1727 mm Memory: 8 MB SDRAM Ribbon: VOX, resin, VOX/resin, ribbon length: 300 meters, ribbon width: minimum 30 mm and maximum 110 mm

Shop printer MEVA-TP-1000

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سیستم چاپ  حرارتی عرض چاپ 80 میلیمتر سرعت بالای چاپ 260 میلیمتر در ثانیه نوع برش اتوماتیک دقت چاپ 203dpi عمر کاتر 1 میلیون برش انعطاف پذیری بالا با داشتن انواع پورت های اتصال همخوانی با سیستم عاملهای ویندوز و لینوکس

Printers are practical devices that are used everywhere. These printers have different types and categories. Printers are generally classified by type. One of these models is their print color. In this sense, printers are classified into two categories: color and black and white. Another point of view in which printers can be classified is the technology used in the type of printing. In this sense, printers are categorized into laser printers, solid ink printers, LED printers, inkjet printers, multifunction printers, dot matrix impact printers, and 3D printers. Of course, there is another type of these printers that is used in stores and is known as a store printer. Etin printers are often used to print product labels and print product labels with high quality. All kinds of shop printers are sold in this section. You can get all kinds of shop printers from the Tadkala website at the best price.