The touch frame is a device with the help of which ordinary displays are converted into touch displays. These results, which are very popular, have different types. They use 4 technologies in making touch frames. Optical or optical, resistance touch, IR infrared touch and capacitive touch are types of touch frames. The first two types are almost obsolete. The last two models are very popular and have high efficiency and accuracy.

The capacitive type of the touch frame is not shockproof due to the use of an electric element under the display and is easily damaged. Also, this model is very beautiful, but due to manufacturing limitations, it is only available in small sizes in the market. IR type, which is the most recent technology in touch screens. It detects the touch point by using infrared light. In this type, due to not using the electric element under the screen, the screen is shockproof and there is no limit to its construction.

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